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Estuary Labs Is A Strategic Technology Experience Firm

Estuary Labs is a Strategic Technology Experience firm. We help organizations to improve and innovate products & services through design thinking. Our goal is to create a strategic impact through Design thinking. 

We support organizations by giving Strategic Business direction for technology experiences, Creating these experiences & developing Strategic Marketing focus for these experiences

We work with local and international clients as their technology experience design partners across different platforms including Mobile Apps, Web Based SAS Products, Ecommerce Platforms, Enterprise Software Products, Intranet, IVR, Kiosks, Interactive Applications, Embedded Products. We are based out of Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore & the United States.
Our Engagement model with our customers could be either of the following:

  1. Project based fee

  2. Long term retainer model

  3. Fixed fee and a variable model based on predefined success parameters

  4. Equity model where we would provide our customer experience expertise for an equity in the product or service.

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