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Cost Effective.

Through our comprehensive email marketing solution, we at Estuary Labs have helped a wide range of businesses reach out to readers at an international level to communicate brand awareness and add value to generate leads and ultimately sales.

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Are you prepared to run an effective email campaign?


How well do you know your target audience?

Do you know the specifics of your target audience profile like  age, location, job profile, decision making power, etc?


Does your email have highly engaging content?

Is your email tailor made to engage with your audience at the right moment for best conversions?


Who will manage the email campaign?

Do you have dedicated resources and expertise to execute and manage the campaigns? 

Estuary Labs can help you reach a worldwide audience


Strategic Email Campaign


We help you create a strategy and plan your email campaign execution for best results.


Purpose-built Email Content

Our experienced team will create engaging email content to captivate the audience's attention.


International Target Audience Intelligence

We help you identify your target audience from around the world with a detailed customer profile demographics 


Campaign Execution with Detailed Reporting

We execute the campaign for you from start to finish while providing detailed and actionable progress reports.

How It Works


3 Month Campaign

We offer a complete end-to-end email marketing campaign solution where our team of skilled professionals with experience in email marketing leverage their expertise to manage your email campaigns from start to finish for best results.


7 Emails Per month


Over 2000 Contacts 


Only ₹14 per touchpoint

Who we are

Estuary Labs is a Strategic Sales & Marketing support organization. Estuary Labs offers solutions to your sales & marketing challenges. Our programs are designed to complement your existing initiatives and work as an extension of your own sales and marketing efforts.


The bottom line is that “We help you boost your bottom line”.

What are you waiting for?

Estuary Labs

Our address

India Office        : A4 Sita Vihar, Damani Estate, Thane - 400602

US Office            : 945 Walters Circle,
Alpharetta GA 30005

ph: +91 98204 02464 

ph: +1 408 675 5373

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