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Solutions To Impact Your Business

Given below are a few areas where we have done extensive work and have developed engagement and delivery centric best practices.

Auditing Technology Enabled Customer Experience Touchpoints

We review the technology touch points across the various stages of the customer journey. We come up with business and user experience insights to ensure that the business objectives are well met. We come up with key insights at each stage of the user journey. We convert these insights into relevant features for the technology platform & set user experience objectives for these features. We finally come up with key design recommendations for these features that can be then implemented for the technology platform.

End to End

Product Development

We can build full fledged technology enabled product or service and function as your product development partner. We can help you right from product planning to go to market.

User Experience Rehaul for Enterprise Products

Changing the user experience for an enterprise product is a challenge since by just making visual design, interface design and interaction design related fixes rarely gives the desired experience for the end user. The experience needs to be relooked completely from a strategic ground up perspective and then make changes accordingly. Another challenge is the scope of the product and so the approach to pick the right number of relevant features, relevant scenarios & right number of user experience patterns is critical. It is equally important to have the entire user experience lifecycle go hand in hand with the software product development lifecycle and engage with different internal teams during the major or minor release of the product. We have successfully worked on enterprise products for an extended time and delivered value.

Online Community Development & Engagement Roadmap

We can help give direction to building effective online communities. We do this though user research, social listening, and online community immersion. We can help build the Social Media Framework, Content Marketing Framework & a Community Engagement Roadmap to ensure that the business objectives are effectively met. The insights generated could be used across product development, service experience development, and to build a sales & marketing strategy.

Strategic Technology Experiences for Millennials

Our experience of having done extensive user research work for Millennials enables us to impact technology experiences targeted towards them.

Extension User Experience Team

Even if you have an inhouse user experience team we can add value to your organization by being an extension team. We will work closely with your inhouse team thereby letting you scale up quickly, reducing your fixed costs and getting exposure to our best practices.

Research Partnership

We can support you as an ongoing user research partner by working with your internal product development team and help you focus on your future digital products and services.

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