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Build Authentic Brands As Friends

Customer Behaviour:
The customer needs to process the Information/Messages they are exposed to & thereby creating a short term memory or amplifying long term memory & they become attracted to a short list of brands.

The focus is on building authentic brands as friends. Brands need to demonstrate attributes that can attract customers and build human-to-human connections. There is a need to understand the customers' anxieties and desires and then focus around building brands that are physically attractive, intellectually compelling, socially engaging, emotionally appealing, & demonstrating strong personality and morality.

Customer Appeal

Key Customer Impression:
I Like

Key Focus:

Key Services:
User Research, Social Listening, Online Community Immersion, Lead Generation Strategy, Digital Strategy, Influencer Impact Strategy, PR Strategy, Branding & Communications Strategy

Key Tools:
Community Immersion Toolkit, Social Listening Framework, Social & Digital Toolkit, Lead Generation Strategizer, PR & Communications Framework,

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