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Strategic Marketing For Technology Experiences

The customer journey is spread out across 5 stages: Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, Advocate. The journey is not necessarily linear & stages can be skipped as the customer moves from one stage to another. The customer path might also be spiral as the customer might move ahead in a stage and even come back to the previous stage and then move ahead again. Also the time spent on each stage could also vary based on the type of industry. Keeping this in mind, we support organizations with effective Strategic Marketing across the 5 stages of the customer journey.

Helping You Strategize Experiences

  • Strategic Go To Market direction for the product or service

  • Listen & analyze social conversations around the product or service

  • Ethnographic research by Immersing in online communities where brand discussions are happening

  • Build a strategic content marketing roadmap

  • Develop a digital community for the brand that is actively engaged

  • Engagement & monetization through Mobile Apps & Mobile Commerce

  • For offline channels: Engage customers with relevant digital content that facilitates purchase decisions and enhances engagement

  • For online channels: Bring the compelling benefits of offline shopping to online channels

  • Strategic sales direction for a product or service

Impact Stories

Social Listening, Online Community Immersion & Content Marketing For Product SignUp & Inquiry.

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